2022 Global Qualifier Design

Alt om Global Qualifier

Global Qualifier

Crowd-sourced GQ track design

Anthony “AyyyKayyyFPV” Knight designed one of the best GQ’s last year and we would not have found such talent if we did not open the design up to the community. The overwhelming positive response from the community has led us to run another GQ Design Competition for the 2022 season. This is a great way for the community to come together to enhance the pilot experience, and by taking feedback from our pilots and organizers we hope to provide everyone with an outstanding Global Qualifier track for this year. Who will win this year? Read below to find out the requirements and submitting procedure.

The start of the season is coming up soon and to kick it off we are holding a track design contest for the Global Qualifier. We are accepting designs from the community to be our next official GQ! So break out the official Sim of MultiGP, Velocidrone, and start designing some tracks! After the submission process the community will vote on what track they like the most and the winner will receive a free ticket to IO2022

You can purchase Velocidrone here: Velocidrone


  • 10 Standard MultiGP 5×5 Gates
  • 5 Flags
  • 1 Hurdle (optional)
  • Track elements should fit within a 200ft x 100ft field, it is assumed some flight paths could slightly exceed these dimentions
  • Have the launch area easily accessible from the pilot seating to reduce cycle times between heats
  • Keep pilot/spectator safety in mind when arranging elements and reduce high speed paths that travel directly towards pilot/spectator areas
  • Use the larger MultiGP gates when designing the course in Velocidrone.
  • A grid layout will be used to map out the track so when you are placing gates in your design please ensure that you keep this in mind.
    • Example: 

Utilize the following template that has the field size marked and the gate size to use.

  • Goto Track Editor in Velocidrone
  • Download -> Track -> Player Name: 2dogrc -> Search -> MultiGP+2022+GQ+Template -> download

It is permitted for a pilot to enter multiple tracks in the contest.